Don’t be afraid of change. Change is inevitable. No matter what you may do to stop it, you never can. So, you might as well welcome it. You might as well look forward to it. You might as well be grateful for it.

The reason most people don’t like change is that they are looking at it from the negative perspective and they are fearing what could come as a result of the change. They imagine bad things will happen and focus on those things and that prevents them from changing. Well, that’s the problem.

Focus on the good stuff that could come. What if you were blessed in ways you never, ever thought could happen? What if you became healthier, wealthier, and happier than you’ve ever imagined? Then, you’d look forward to change. And that’s the key. Focus on the positive and all the good that will come and not on the negative and change won’t be something to be fearful of anymore.