The Five Ingredients For Success

Success happens, not by chance, but on purpose. Success happens with a step-by-step plan. In this video I’m going to share with you the five ingredients for success.

The first one is focus. What you focus on determines the direction you go. Whatever you focus on, expands, so if you’re focusing on the good things, you’ll get more of that. If you’re focusing on the solutions, challenges won’t be as difficult.

The next step is attitude. As the old saying goes, attitude is altitude. The better your attitude, the higher you’ll go. Your attitude is an absolute critical factor, so be as positive as you possibly can be. The more positive you are, the more positive things come to you. I hope you are sensing a theme here.

The next step is responsibility. Your number one responsibility is to you. You are the most important person in your life. An empty cup cannot fill any other cups. But when you take care of you, just like a candle, you’ll always be lit and therefore will be able to light others without losing anything of yourself. Stop being responsible for everyone and everything and just be responsible for who you are and for what you need to do.

The next step is commitment. Commitment is all or nothing. It’s one hundred percent. You cannot be 99% committed to standing if you are sitting. So whatever you decide to do, commit 100%. That means you don’t back out. You stay the course. You see it until it’s complete. All the most successful people have the power to commit and you are no different.

And the final step is execution or action. Without action, none of this happens. Now you must take inspired action and that only comes from quieting your mind for a little while each day in meditation. You will get much further, much faster when you take inspired action rather than forced action.

Those are the five ingredients for success. Be focused, have a great attitude, take full responsibility for yourself, commit 100 percent to whatever you set your mind to, and execute your plans and you’ll be very successful before you know it.