My mission is to help at least 25 million people to come alive and to discover their truth and purpose and therefore realize their fullest potential.

What Others Are Saying…

I was really inspired by The 24 Hour Champion. If You Want To Turn Your Life Into A Masterpiece – This is the guidebook.”
Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Attractor Factor (2nd Edition), Star of the movie, “The Secret”

Darshan helps take the mystery out of why we do things, so we can move past them and create the life we really want.
– Jonathan Zide

The 24 Hour Champion changed my life. Although I am an expert on change, self hypnosis, and personal improvement, i was startled by the direct influence of this book. I met Darshon Shanti at a public event he was presenting at and was attracted to the books cover and his personal energy… The book was full of personal revelations by a man who has clearly walked through the fire of change and come out the other side walking his talk. I was so moved by this book that i keep it on my desk to remind me of its principles at all times. This is not just another read, it is a handbook for self assessment, change and a map to which way is up. It is inspirational and sometimes brutal in its correct assessments of the challenges of change and self development. It is insistent that change for the better is possible, probable and achievable. Give yourself a fighting chance to be all you can be with Darshon Shanti on your side.
Dr. Norm Katz, Phd, Clinical Psychology

Darshan Shanti: Bio

Darshan is the founder and President of Freedom Incorporated, Inc. He is the author of 2 personal development books and he has written over 700 poems that inspire people to live amazing lives.

During the past 2 decades, he has worked directly with over 30,000 people across North America in Fortune 100 companies to small mom and pop businesses and everything in between to inspire them find their hidden potential, purpose, passions, dreams and desires so they may experience true freedom in their lives and big success in their business.

He is an expert in human motivation and rapid transformation. He has a unique ability to very quickly empower participants to change their own mind about who they are, what they want and what’s possible. That leaves them free to make new decisions, take new actions and live the lives they really want to live.

Darshan’s work focuses only on the core issues that stop people in their tracks. By dealing with issues at their core, they don’t come back anymore. Just like weeds in a garden, if you pick them by their roots, they’re gone for good. When you read his books, his poetry or take one of his programs, you’ll change your own mind about who you are and what you want, both now and in the future. When you do that, your change is permanent.

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