Having a positive attitude will get you through so much in life and it will be a lot easier and much more fun as well. One of the ways to do that is to adopt the philosophy that it’s all good. Don’t get attached to the way you think things are supposed to be. You never know why something happens. It may look really bad in the moment. You might think it is awful, and you won’t be sure how you’ll get through it. You’ll struggle to find out why it happened, but often times you will never know why or you’ll learn at a much later date. In any case, it’s all good.

Now, something could look very bad on the surface, but truly be a blessing later on (as the joke I tell in this video demonstrates). The key for you is to not get lost in the negative emotions in the moments, whether that is minutes, hours or days even after some event happens. Realize that what is, is and all of the rest is your interpretation. That’s very profound. If you’re making up how you feel and what you think about what’s happening, then that gives you all the power to control your reactions and to put yourself in charge of how you feel.

The other benefits are not getting lost in the negative emotion is that the better you feel, the more Law of Attraction will bring to you things that will continue to make you feel better and since it works in the reverse, it certainly does not make sense to feel bad.

So take this message that it’s all good to heart and start to find the best in every situation that you can and soon the best of every situation will constantly show up.