"It’s time for you to COME ALIVE
And start to live, not just survive
Your past has passed, it’s over, it’s through

Your life begins now, it’s waiting for you
It’s all open, just walk through the doors
Anything you desire can be yours"
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About Darshan Gabriel Shanti

I am Darshan Gabriel Shanti, The Feel Good Poet. Over the last 20 years, I have inspired over 30,000 people to achieve their fullest potential. I’ve done that through coaching, workshops/seminars, speaking, and through my best-selling book, The 24-Hour Champion.

I have had an absolute BLAST doing it. But something has been gnawing at me for several years. You see, I have been blessed with a gift to write what people think and feel, but can’t express in a way that’s ideal. So, I have turned my 30-year hobby of writing poems into a business and I now provide that same level of inspiration, motivation, and transformation through daily poems, videos, and articles. My poems help people to be happy, feel good and have fun. So, whatever it is you’re looking for to make your life exactly what you want, it is my most sincere desire that my writings help you achieve that now.


The 24-Hour Champion

Becoming Free Through Self-Discovery

This book will show you the step by step, systematic approach I personally used (and have taught to thousands) to realize your truth. It will help you to free yourself from the ball and chain of your past so you can forget about it. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your own transformation and in total control of your own life.

It will help you to have your wants and your dreams by enabling you to change your own mind about who you are and what you want, both now and in your future.

When you change your own mind, your change is permanent. Don’t let your fears and your doubts steal your life from you. I encourage you to get this book, discover yourself, and start right now to be happy, feel good and have fun while living the life you really want to live.


Stress No More System

Discover a REAL and Proven Method for Getting Rid of Stress….Guaranteed

What if I told you that for as long as you want, you could personally have a system that is so simple to use that you could literally change your own mind about what stresses you out in as little as a few seconds? Would that interest you? What if I said that, unlike a seminar somewhere that you have to fly into and spend a week in some stuffy hotel room, you could discover, learn and participate in all of this without leaving home?

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